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Ever wonder just how powerful a simple gift can be? When you send Gifts for Life this Mother’s Day, you are empowering women worldwide to improve their lives and provide for their children — plus, all gifts will be matched up to $250K. See for yourself!

  • Goat
  • Care for Moms & Newborns
  • Disaster Relief Kits
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Goats were given to vulnerable and marginalized women in India, who had no livelihood and were struggling to care for their children and families.

Care for Moms & Newborns was received by a young, single mother living in Zambia, who hadn’t been able to get prenatal or postnatal care for her baby.

For a long time, Mama Judith relied on maize and bean farming in Kenya for her livelihood — but, eventually, it wasn’t enough to support her five children.

The goats provided them with a source of milk, cheese and meat for their family, as well as a source of income, insurance against disaster and for the payment of social dues.

This gift provided both mom and child with the basic medicine and nutrition they needed to survive, including important information about immunizations and growth monitoring.

So when she learned about our local savings groups, which also mentored members in how to build a successful small-holder agricultural practice, Judith received training so she could quickly form her own. She then encouraged other women to join.

As the women cared for the goats, they had more food to nourish their children and some income for their families — and the entire village benefited.

As the young mother saw the difference this made in her own child’s life, she helped more new moms in her village receive the vital care they needed.

Today, Mama Judith saves enough to support her children and send them to school. She has also set a great example in their community — her savings group has grown from 18 to 122 members!