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  • Clean Water
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Best friends Antonio and Manuel, age 10, had no access to clean water in their community, which made life in rural Angola even more dangerous during the pandemic.

A young, single mother living in Zambia, who hadn’t been able to get prenatal or postnatal care for her baby, received Care for Moms & Newborns.

Naw Wah, a single mother in the Naung Bo Tarlo village in Myanmar, works in rice fields and sells dresses she’s woven to provide for her young son. For years, she was just barely scraping by.

Then their neighborhood participated in the Maza yi Moyo (Water is Life) project, implemented through Episcopal Relief & Development and the Anglican Church of Angola. Our partners worked alongside community members to build wells, latrines, and washing facilities everyone in Antonio and Manuel’s community could easily access.

This gift provided both mom and child with the basic medicine and nutrition they needed, including important immunizations and growth monitoring.

When she heard about our local savings groups in 2016, Wah eagerly seized the opportunity to learn about financial management.

Access to clean water and sanitation facilities has been life changing for Antonio and Manuel’s community, allowing for better hygiene, health and well-being. “There is enough for everyone!” says Manuel.

As she saw the difference this made in her own child’s life, this mother helped more new moms in her village receive the vital care they needed.

She began by saving just 1,000 kyats (80 cents) a month. Today she has 400,000 kyats ($228) in her savings account — and envisions a bright future for her son.